Factory schedules are followed, with genuine Ferrari parts and approved lubricants used to maintain your service history. We offer fixed price or bespoke servicing. 


For low or high mileage cars, custom or rare tipos, we can provide special servicing e.g. checks prior to long Continental tours, track days. Our workshops see a steady stream of 328, 348, 355, 360, 550, 575, F40 and 456 cars – plus older tipos. 

On-site we have SD1 and SD2 diagnostic systems, which are fully portable for off-site investigation of faults. If your Ferrari is not running as it should we can find 
out why – and fix it ! Note that Adam Eyre has over 30 years experience on these systems and has been fully trained in their use at Stratstone Ferrari, Ferrari UK and at Maranello in Italy. 


We are fully trained and experienced in hands-on rebuild, repair and maintenance of Ferrari road tipos from 1976 to 2006. We can source hard to find parts, have custom parts machined and supply new factory replacement engines and gearboxes. We can replace minor components, fix small oil leaks or carry out full rebuilds – please call us for advice. 


Minor scuffs, worn, cracked or broken trim can impact on the appearance of your Ferrari. Neglect can hurt your wallet and make resale more difficult.


We are happy to enhance, repair or replace any leather, plastic or metal trim, up to full concours restoration.

Soft touch refurbishment available. 


For regular self-maintenance we recommend the use of Zymol car preparation products available from

When you’re out enjoying your Ferrari the last thing you want is feeble or non-existent air conditioning. We can inspect your system to ensure its fully functioning, re-gas 
and repair or replace parts. Note that you should have Ferrari refrigerant filters replaced and the system regassed every 2 years.